Let’s talk about solo travellers' tribes…

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

– Saint Augustine

It’s been five months since the launch of Tribd and it’s time to get to know each other better.

Did you know that by 2020 there will be 148 million of people travelling solo? That’s quite a crowd to choose from! In fact, most recent studies say, that 1 in 4 people travel solo. But, as you already know, finding a travel buddy is not as easy as it sounds. Until now…

Tribd community has over 2000 people and we are on the way to much more. For all of you who have joined Tribd and those who may read it and decide to join, we would like to tell you more about the solo traveller tribes on Tribd. You all have one thing in common, want to experience independence and authenticity and explore the world, but don’t want to do it alone. For many, travel is a way to break free from daily routine, or escape to pursue favourite activities, explore new places and engage with local cultures.

Many solo travellers on Tribd, love adventure activities and our community have almost 900 surfers, over 600 backpackers searching for someone to travel with, over 400 people who love hiking and trekking and would like a travel buddy to conquer the off the beaten path routes. As the winter season approaches many people are looking for a skiing buddy and we have currently almost 300 people planning skiing or snowboarding trip. Because it’s not fun to hit the slopes all by yourself.

These are currently the most popular activities, aside choosing ‘adventure holiday,’ which most of solo travellers on Tribd are planning for. But, if you are looking for someone to learn a new language, take a yoga trip, go sailing, scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking, or even plan an extreme adventure, these are people you will meet on Tribd too.

Majority of our adventure seeking community are currently flexible on dates of travel, but some people are already planning ahead their 2019 trips. Where to? As we have been giving you insights on the most popular destinations, Australia and Bali consistently fight for top spot, since the launch of Tribd. Europe is right behind, followed by Portugal, Thailand and Spain. London, Lisbon and Barcelona are top three cities, where those looking for a travel companion on Tribd are heading.

But with Tribd, you can explore much more, as you can choose a place or a specific region, such as Yosemite or Australia’s Gold Coast and find people whose travel plans are more specific and aligned with yours. As we love to travel ourselves, we worked hard to make possible to also connect people who are looking to explore more specific areas, besides countries or cities. Which may become a trend, when our community is much bigger!

Our tribe have made almost 1000 matches since launch and the majority of our users come from United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

55% of our users are male and 45% female, but gender demographic tend to change from month to month.

Thank you for joining this journey with us and we hope that you will find many adventure travel buddies with Tribd and make memorable memories from your trips. If you already have, we’d love to hear from you and feature your story in our blog and through social media! Please get in touch via ‘Feedback’ within the app, social media @tribdapp or e-mail us.

We’d also love to hear what topics you would be interested in reading about in our blogs, so do get in touch for that too!

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