Four Ways of Travelling Solo…

So you are contemplating travelling solo for the first time. And I don’t mean that short city break you took once, but a proper solo adventure holiday. You are not alone. There are over 131 million others like you, and by 2020 there will be 148 million solo adventure travellers. [1]

Solo travel couldn’t be easier nowadays. Yet, many people are unsure how to approach travelling alone, especially if being solo is a new situation that they have found themselves in. Having a travel companion is often a deciding factor for many, and lack of thereof can even stop someone from pursuing a solo adventure.

Solo travel, is not just for people who are single or newly single. People take solo trips for a number of reasons. From pursing a specific sport, such as scuba diving, surfing, climbing or other active adventure sports, to following their passion for wanderlust and adventure. People travel to learn a new language, experience new cultures and authenticity beyond typical sun and sand holiday, volunteer, explore new ‘off the beaten track destinations’, or just escape from a daily life sometimes.

Despite countless websites, Facebook groups, Meetup groups and online sources on travel or solo travel, a prospect of travelling alone can be overwhelming for some, especially to those who have never done it before. 

So, here are four ways of travelling solo to think about…


Let’s start with all Inclusive Holidays

All Inclusive holidays are rarely to a true ‘off the beaten track’ destination, or can offer something different beyond a typical sun and sun bed type of holiday. Imagine finding yourself in an amazing tropical destination like Aruba… or a sunny Greece. You are pinching yourself, because the resort is amazing, surroundings are beautiful, you have sunbathed all day, started your mandatory ‘holiday read’ and after all day of a lovely ‘me time’, it’s time for a shower and dinner.

As you are heading up to dinner with a slightly sunburned face, proud of yourself that you have taken the step and went solo, a notorious thought starts going through your head: Where will I seat? Who will I seat with?There is no one to talk to about my awesome day…. Still, full of optimism, you arrive where dinner is being served… Only to find yourself surrounded by honeymoon couples, holidaying families, retired couples, happy (or unhappy) couples on holidays.

All the best tables are taken. You sat alone, watching the sunset, drinking your glass of wine, feeling awkward and suddenly out of place, longing for that travel firend.


Join an Adventure Travel Trip

To the rescue and following the adventure travel trend, are the adventure travel companies. There are pros and cons of joining an organised adventure travel trip. Luckily, the choices are plenty, catering to all levels of fitness, the length of the trip (form a few days to a few months), appetite for adventure, the size of your bank account, or your credit card limit.

What is great about these trips, is that you are not the only solo traveller in the group! There will be others like you. As well as other people travelling solo, you will also meet friends taking a trip together, or couples going on an adventure. These groups have typically mixed types of travellers, often with different levels of fitness, and all ages from 18 to 70. A prevailing amount of travellers are in their 20s and 30s though. Not a surprise here, as Millennials are leading the adventure travel boom, together with solo female travellers.

The burden of arranging food, accommodation, general planning, transfers, and organising adventures is taken off your shoulders by an adventure travel company. All you need to do, is pick a destination and itinerary that you fancy, book your plane tickets, and let the adventure begin.

Joining an adventure travel trip is especially great, if you want to see a lot and have an activity packed holiday, without having to worry about the logistics.

The downside to joining an organised trip, is that you have little or no say, to the accommodation you will be staying, who your travel companions are, as well as the overall trip itinerary. These trips, can often be quite intense, as the vast majority of them cater to people with limited travel time, hence a lot of activities are packed into a fairly short space of time. There is also a question: will you really have an authentic experience, or will you follow the footsteps of millions of other people visiting the ‘must see’ places on the bucket list?

But overall, it’s an option worth exploring for a solo adventure traveller. If you haven’t done so, you may find that this is the way to travel from now on. Or you might decide, that this is not for you, and you want to make own choices and have more flexibility during your adventures.


Pack and Go… Travel Solo

You don’t have to be brave to travel solo. You just need to overcome the fear of being alone and embrace it. Travelling solo is a great way to rediscovering yourself, or learning things about yourself you didn’t know. And let’s not forget the freedom it gives you. 

Anyone who has ever planned their holiday with another person, that’d be a partner, family member, or a friend, knows how it goes. Your research time doubles, as all suggestions of places to stay and things to do, go through an ‘approval process’ of your travel partner; until you finally agree that your mutual preferences are met; and decide where, when and how you will travel. Compromise is often taken, one way or another, until both parties are happy and ready to proceed with their plans.

If you have suddenly found yourself with a lot of freedom to take a solo trip, or can’t find anyone to travel together with, you may decide that solo is the way to go.

There will be places, that you will more likely to travel solo to, and places that you may want to avoid.

That can also be particularly true if you are a solo female traveller, or not that experienced traveller yet. It’s likely you may choose to travel to places, where you want to feel safe. For example to a country or region with a stable economic and political situation. The possibilities are endless where to go and what to do, the only limit is you and your appetite for adventure... or solitude.

One of the benefits of solo travel, is becoming more open to other people. You will start to notice people around you, as you are naturally drawn to seeking a companion, or just generally open to the possibility of meeting with others. Unless, you are like one grumpy friend of mine, who simply does not want to be around people. That is definitely an option for your solo trip too.

Regardless; travelling solo is great if you want freedom and flexibility, and something you should try at least once in a lifetime

There will be times you may feel lonely, especially during meals, or when you have had an amazing experience, but have no one to share it with, or to talk about it. There are also sports or adventures that are best shared. You may not want to venture to a very remote areas, take an extreme expedition, or pursue activities or sports, that are best shared with another human. A solo ski trip may not be the best idea for a solo adventure, but a solo yoga retreat would fit perfectly here.


Here comes Tribd…

Here is where Tribd App fits in.

It offers you more flexibility to an adventure travel tour, so you retain your freedom related to all decisions regarding your solo trip, whilst having  an opportunity to meet like-minded solo travellers to share the adventure with.

With Tribd, you connect with other travellers, who’s plans are aligned with yours, have an opportunity to find a travel buddy and take a trip together. You can also connect and arrange to meet some place in the world during your travels.

In a few weeks I’m off to Bali. An unexpected trip for me, as I recently decided to take an advantage of my newly found freedom. I will be combining remote working with some surf, sand and adventure. I’m not the best surfer in the world (thankfully, also not the worst), and I’m reluctant to go surfing alone. I have been surfing for the past five years, but I have never surfed alone, even during my solo surf trips. Simply, I am not that confident in the water yet, usually surfing a few times a year only. Surfing with another person, would not only be safer, but also much more fun.

Whilst I’m writing this, Tribd is not released yet, but it would be a perfect way for me to see if there are any other surfers out there, who want to share a wave in Bali. And more importantly, someone who’s surfing skills are similar to mine. I don’t have to spend my entire trip with them. But once I’m tired of my soul searching and solitude, it would be good to have a trip buddy to share the experience with, have a few beers and chat in the evening, commenting on a great (or rubbish) surf we've had that day.

You can think of other situations, where you’d like to travel with a travel companion. Imagine taking a gap year, or a career break and backpacking the world. With Tribd you will have the opportunity to meet other people, even before you left home. You can connect with other solo travellers ahead of the trip, decide to share an adventure, or simply meet them at your next destination. It's always reassuring to know, that you already have a travel friend wherever you are arriving, and are not completely alone.

Taking a two week adventure holiday, that you don’t want to take solo, but at the same time want flexibility and freedom? Tribd will show you other travellers, who’s trip plans are aligned with yours. You can decide if you want to connect with them, by swiping on their profile and either accepting or rejecting the suggestion in front of you. You connect, if you both accept each other, thus will ever only speak with people you really want to meet. Safe from unsolicited and unwanted contact.

There are many ways to travel solo. Which one is yours?


Update, 21 June 2018

Tribd has recently launched on the App Store and we hope to bring millions of like-minded solo travellers together. If you are planning a solo trip, download Tribd and connect with people who have the same travel plans as you.

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[1] United Nations World Tourism Organisation 2017 Report, International Travel Trends 2017


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